Our Webs of Dysfunction (Redux)

Because of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ’s Annual Gathering, I don’t have time to post anything new this week.  This said, here’s one of my favorites from my old blog: www.shawn-thoughts.blogspot.com originally posted July 19, 20012.


I’ve been seeing my counselor a bit more lately.  The addition of a second child combined with the pressures of life has really thrown me for a loop.  One way this imbalance rears its ugly head is in my anger.  Not making excuses, but I come from a long line of bad tempers on both sides of my family.  Because of this, anger is usually one of the first signs that my life is off kilter.  On a side note, when I say anger I don’t mean the emotion per say, rather I’m speaking of the almost unquenchable desire to hit inanimate objects (usually a wall).  So needless to say a trip to the counselor was needed. Continue reading