Lutheran Theology

“Lutheran theology starts where all others end.  Virtue is not the goal of life, virtue is our problem.  Religion is not given for morality; it is there to end it.  The picture of progress upward to happiness is toppled, and in its stead is the apocalyptic end of righteousness in this world so that only Christ remains, who alone is righteous in the eyes of God.”

Steven Paulson “Lutheran Theology


Paul Zahl and the Greatest Gift


“The greatest gift to the world of the Christian religion, which comes straight from its founder, is the gift of absolving sacrificial love.  This is the gift of mercy.  Whatever words are right to describe it, he [Jesus] regarded his life, in all the Gospel biographies of him, as something lived ‘for you’.”

Paul Zahl “PZ’s Panopticon: An Off-The-Wall Guide to World Religion

Nick Lannon “Kickstarter Religion”

An interesting post from one of my old Trinity classmates:

“What people need to hear from religion is an accurate diagnosis of their condition: unable to find the power within themselves to help themselves. Wanted Religion can’t offer a profound solution because it refuses to diagnose a profound disease. Needed Religion recognizes our plight and can offer a weighty cure: a savior who substitutes himself for us.”

Check out the rest over at Liberate.

PZ’s Message to the “Man on the Ceiling”

In my old professor Paul Zahl’s latest work, “PZ’s Panopticon: an off-the-wall guide to world religion,” he offers a unique, personal, moving, and humorous reflection on world religion from the point of view of one who is near death (one who is out of body looking down at his body on the operating table).  In doing this Zahl  wishes to explore what the religions of the world offer someone who is in such a predicament (the predicament being death not only in the physical sense, but anytime life runs us over).  Spurred on by his own personal crisis at the time, Zahl’s work asks some difficult questions of all religion, including Christianity. Continue reading