A Sermon for Sarah


As many of you know, last week one of my former students from St. Paul’s in Maumee, Ohio took her own life.  Below is the transcript of the sermon I gave at her funeral this morning.  I’m sharing it as a word of hope for those who are mourning the loss of Sarah this Christmas or for anyone who has suffered from the suicide of a loved one… Continue reading


We Have Absolutely No Control: Some thoughts on Pearl Jam’s “Sirens”


I have to admit, when I first heard Pearl Jam’s new song “Sirens” I was a bit skeptical.  With its big reverb guitars, drums, and vocals it seemed liked the sort of dentist’s chair power ballad that Pearl Jam has railed against throughout its 20 existence.  This said, after buying the album and having a few listens, this gem of a song has slowly become one of my favorites.  The reason this is so is that the expansive themes the song explores match the huge sound of the music.
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