Luther on Psalm 51:3

Psalm 51:3  3 For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.

“God is the God of the humble, the afflicted, and the poor who acknowledge that they are sinners and fear God in such a way that they hope still more in His mercy…  If, therefore, you acknowledge that you have sin, if you tremble, if you are troubled by a feeling of God’s wrath and by horror of God’s judgment and of hell, then have confidence.  You are the one with whom God wants to speak, to whom God wants to show His mercy, and whom God wants to save.”

LW Vol. 12 



Robert Capon on Hell

I came across this bombshell of a quote while I was researching for this week’s sermon about the “Unforgiving Servant.”

In heaven, there are only forgiven sinners.

“There are no good guys, no upright, successful types who, by dint of their own integrity, have been accepted into the great country club in the sky.  There are only failures, only those who have accepted their deaths in their sins and who have been raised up by the King who himself died they might live.

But in hell, too, there are only forgiven sinners.

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I Deserve to Go to Hell (that’s what a buzzfeed quiz told me)

Are You Going To Hell?

  1. You got: You’re not going to Hell!

    You may be not going to Hell, but chances are you deserve to. Come on, really? It’s 2014. Leave your views in the middle ages, dude.

And with that I received my eternal destiny from Dave Stopera over at  In a moment of weakness I let go of the good news of John 3:16-18 and came to him to receive my judgment. Continue reading

C.F.W. Walther Quote

“When we shall have arrived in our heavenly fatherland, this is what we shall say: ‘If I had my own way, I should have never found salvation; and even supposing I had found it by myself, I should have lost it again.  Thou, O God, dist come and draw me to Thy Word, partly by tribulation, partly by anguish of heart, partly by sickness, etc.  All these things Thou hast used as means to begin me into heaven, while I was always striving for perdition.’  Yonder we shall see — and marvel — that there has not been an hour when God did not work in us to save us, and that there has not been an hour when we — wanted to be saved.  Indeed, we are forced to say to God: ‘Thou alone hast redeemed me; Thous alone dost save me.’  Verily, as sure as there is a living God in heaven, I cannot do anything towards my salvation.”

C.F.W Walther “The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel

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