Luther on Psalm 51:10

Grace is the continuous and perpetual operation or action through which we are grasped and moved by the Spirit of God so that we do not disbelieve His promises and that we think and do whatever is favorable and pleasing to God.

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Luther on Psalm 51:7

“It is He [Jesus] who bore the sins of the world.  This is the one satisfaction; this is the one washing, by which we are saved.  And the basis of salvation is that when you hear this, you should not be unbelieving toward divine revelation but believe it.  The fact that a new life should follow does not belong to satisfaction, but to the obedience you owe.  Because the Holy Spirit arouses this in us, we cannot claim any merit of ours from it to reconcile God and to expiate sins which, we are taught, have already been expiated through Jesus Christ.

Only that satisfaction is true which is called and is satisfaction of faith, namely, that Christ Jesus bore your sins.

If this satisfaction stands alone and pure without your flesh, then you may zealously exercise charity, serve your calling, and do everything that the Word of God permits you to undertake.  This obedience is pleasing and acceptable to God because it is done with the right aim, namely, of obeying God and not setting up your own satisfaction.

LW Vol. 12 



Elyse Fitzpatrick on Our Union with Christ

“Our sanctification is rooted in our union with Christ–how can we truly change if we aren’t already truly different?  How can we fight to win if he hasn’t already fought and won?  How can we conquer death and sin if he isn’t the resurrected One, who lives within us?  Indeed [quoting Calvin], ‘the moment we turn aside from Christ in the slightest degree, salvation which rests entirely on him gradually disappears,’ and discouragement and condemnation will rule our hearts.”

Eliyse Fitzpatrick “Because He Loves Me

& if you’re interested in our union with Christ, check out her book, “Found in Him.”

Horton on the Constant Need of the Gospel Message

“The church is called not to ‘work for a second blessing,’ but to ‘feed on the first blessing, the forgiveness of sins…  The struggle of the church… is not to envelope Christ in our faithfulness, but to be enveloped by Christ’s faithfulness…’

“The preaching of the gospel that gave us new birth… in the first place continues to sustain our pilgrimage.  We never move beyond justification, never beyond faith and the forgiveness of sins.  On the contrary, as we grow in holiness, we become more acutely aware of our sin, and the struggle against it becomes increasingly intense.”

Michael Horton “Covenant and Salvation: Union with Christ

More From Tullian

“Jesus doesn’t need perfect vessels to accomplish his will.  He needs broken ones–men and women who have been slain, humiliated, disillusioned of all their ‘I can do it, really I can!,’ ‘This time I’ll try harder!’, ‘Just give me a little more time and some secret steps, and I’ll get it together!’ self-deception…  The one-way love of God meets us in our failures.  Our failures make His one-way love that much more glorious.  What qualifies us for service is God’s devotion to us–not our devotion to Him.  This is as plainly as I can say it: the value of our lives rests on God’s infinite, incomprehensible, unconditional love for us–not our love for Him.  Such relief!  We can finally exhale!”

Tullian Tchividjian “One Way Love