Forde Quote

I do love myself some Gehard Forde…

God does not come to us because we are free and responsible.  He comes all the way to us because we are not and he intends to make us so.  He comes to set us free and to give us that destiny which he himself has planned for us as his creatures.  He comes to set us free form our bondage, our illusions, dreams, and fictions, our enslavement to our own ideals, to the law.  He comes to give us the freedom to live, to bring forth life out of death.”

Gerhard Forde “Justification by Faith: A Matter of Death and Life


Lutheran Theology

“Lutheran theology starts where all others end.  Virtue is not the goal of life, virtue is our problem.  Religion is not given for morality; it is there to end it.  The picture of progress upward to happiness is toppled, and in its stead is the apocalyptic end of righteousness in this world so that only Christ remains, who alone is righteous in the eyes of God.”

Steven Paulson “Lutheran Theology

Death to Life and Once Again… Community

Writing about the television show Community seems to be becoming a weekly affair.  This is because pretty much every episode this season has offered some profound insights.  The episode that I have in mind for this post is “Geothermal Escapism” which aired Jan. 23.  This one joins the ranks of other “epic” Community concept episodes that hook into a particular emotional element in the show.   Continue reading