a Word of Hope

In light of Robin William’s passing, I thought I’d offer a word of hope to those suffering from depression.  The following is taken from Kathryn Greene-McCreight’s work “Darkness Is My Only Companion.”  As one who suffers from severe depression and bi-polar disorder she seeks to offer a Christian response to mental illness.  She writes:

“Like seeds hidden snug under the soil, waiting for the powers of nature to change them into sprouts, my life is hidden with Christ in the life of the triune God.  I am not yet what I will become–thank God this is not ‘as good as it gets’!  I am protected through the merciful layer of God’s shielding of my life from all that would destroy it.  And there is so much that seeks to tear my life away from God these days.  There is the depression, the mania, the efforts to overcome the depression, and the desire to allow the mania’s tornado winds in my mind and soul.  But despite all that I desire and all that I do not desire…  my life is hidden, protected, nurtured in God, in spite of myself.

Suffering is not eliminated by the resurrection but transformed by it [Rom 8:18-21]…  The resurrection gives us hope for the future [Rom 8:21, 24-25]…  We still have tears in the present.  We still die.  In God’s future, however, ‘death, thou shalt die…’

 The hope of the resurrection is not just optimism, and it leans the Christian life ever facing toward the future, not merely dwelling in the present…  For the mentally ill, this understanding of Christian hope gives comfort and encouragement.  Sorrowing and sighing will be no more.  Tears will be wiped away.  Even fractious brains will be restored.”


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