Take a Load off Pastors

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”

-Romans 1:16

Pastors, let’s take a moment to collectively remember that it’s the gospel (the story of God’s one-way love) that is the power of God for salvation not our visions, strategies, sermons, relevance, voices, influence, counseling, hype, blogs, tweets, websites, dynamic worship services, illustrations, CEO leadership, numbers, outreach, in-reach, programs, missions, impact, success, music, counsels, meetings, vision casting, politics, impact, presentations, strength, morality, visibility, looks, testimonies, wish-dreams, theology, brains, missional-ness, buildings, family, or whatever other million things we put our hope in other than what Jesus has already done.  Breathe, take a load off.  God is doing the heavy lifting here.


One thought on “Take a Load off Pastors

  1. Indeed!

    I would add as an ex-RC, it is also not: how many rosaries we say, how many Marian holidays we observe, what saints we pray to,how many times we go to confession, how many penances we do, how many days we fast, whether we abstain from meat on Fridays, how well we attend to the teachings of The Magisterium, etc. etc.

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