Robert Capon’s Passion for the Passion

“Most of what’s expected from sermons, on both sides of the pulpit… is nothing but a thick, soggy blanket thrown over the only Good News there is: the Passion of Jesus…

For my money, the root of preaching for our time remains what is was for Paul: a passion for the Passion.  Like him, those who stand up to preach in the church must decide to ‘forget everything except Jesus Christ, and him crucified’ (1 Cor. 2:2)…

No useless programs of life improvement need ever pass your lips; no empty threats about what will happen to your people if they don’t improve will ever insult their intelligence, or yours.  You won’t have to tell them that love will make their lives soar upward like eagles, if only they’ll work harder at it.  That’s a lie.  It’s precisely their efforts at love that have given their lives the glide angle of a dump truck… You won’t have to warn them that they must stop sinning if they want God to like them.  That’s another lie.  In their death, by Jesus’ death, their sins are no problem for the God who has taken away the handwritting that was against them and nailed it to his cross (Col. 2:14).  Above all, you won’t even have to tell them they need to be morally upright to earn God’s favor.  That’s the biggest, bad-news lie of all, because God has gone and accepted every last one of them in his beloved Son and is as pleased as punch with them in Jesus.  If you can make up your mind, when you go into the pulpit, to forget everything except Jesus Christ and him crucified, you’ll have nothing to give them but Good News.”

Robert Farrar Capon “The Foolishness of Preaching



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