Ross Douthat on American Christianity

“America’s problem isn’t too much religion, or too little of it.  It’s bad religion: the slow-motion collapse of traditional Christianity and the rise of a variety of destructive pseudo-Christianities in its place…  a growing number are inventing their own version of what Christianity means, abandoning the nuances of traditional theology in favor of religions that stroke their egos and indulge or even celebrate their worst impulses.  These faiths speak from many pulpits–conservative and liberal, political and pop-cultural, traditional religious and fashionably ‘spiritual’– and many of their preachers call themselves Christian or claim a Christian warrant.  But they are increasingly offering distortions of traditional Christianity, not the real thing.”

Just a little note of clarification: when Douthat argues for traditional theology/Christianity he’s speaking of a orthodox/confessional/historical/theologically robust one that drinks from the waters of its 2,000 year history.

Ross Douthat “Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics  



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