Michael Horton on Witnessing

“Mere imperative to more faithful living will only drive one to either despair of self-righteousness (or a little of both).  We are transformed not by hearing more and more about ourselves and each other but by hearing more about God and his mighty acts of salvation throughout history.  Our Buddhist cousins, Muslim neighbors, and burned-out churchgoers need to encounter disciples of Christ who point away from themselves, witnessing to Christ as the Savior of sinners–even Christians like ourselves who still fall short of the glory of God.  They need to be introduced to the Good News that is greater than all of our sin, including the sins of Christians.  They do not need to see more Christians holding up their lives as the gospel, only to watch them fall; they need more Christians holding up Christ as the gospel as they confess their sins and receive his priestly absolution.”

Michael Horton “The Gospel Commission


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