Paul Zahl’s “One-Way Love”

“One-way love is… irrational because it reaches out to the specifically undeserving person.  This is the beating heart of it.  Grace is directed toward what Scripture calls the ‘ungodly’ (Rom. 5:6).  Not just the lonely, not just the sick and disconsolate, but the ‘perpetrators,’ the murders and abusers, the people who cross the line.  God has a heart–his one-way love–for sinners.  This is the problem with Christianity.  This piece of logical and ethical incongruity and inappropriateness is the problem with Christianity…  It is also the New Testament account of grace: God’s one-way love is a love that acts independent of all response to it yet at the same time elicits a response…  When grace comes in, when it rewrites the script, when its light shines in the basement of the house that is ourselves, unbuilt to God, grace demolishes and creates.  It does what it promises.”

Man, I miss having this guy as my professor…

Paul Zahl “Grace in Practice


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