What Made Luther a Theologian

“As soon as the Word of God permeates you, the devil will seek to afflict you so as to make you a real doctor and will teach you by his temptations to seek the Word of God and to love it.  For I myself (since I, mouse droppings, mix myself in the pepper) have many of my papists to hank, that they have so smitten me, oppressed me, and alarmed me through the blustering of the devil that they have produced a rather good theologian, which I otherwise would never have become.  And what, by contrast, they have won because of me, I am most happy to let them have: the honor, the victory, and the triumph, for that is what they wanted.”

Martin Luther WA 50:660.1-16 quoted is Oswald Bayer’s “Martin Luther’s Theology: a Contemporary Interpretation.”


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