Dylan Potter’s “Ministry as Leisure”

Here’s a snipped from an insightful post over at mbird.com.

“One indication that a clergy person has come under the law’s heavy hand is that they begin to eschew leisure in order to pursue what are perceived to be any number of sacred duties, aspirations, and ambitions. They fight rest because they are convinced that exhaustion in the name of a worthy cause is a sign of orthodoxy. However, clergy like this always die the death of a thousand cuts as they try to motivate themselves and their weary congregations to put a bit more effort into being a Christian. It takes years sometimes, but many of them, not to mention their spouse and children, implode emotionally and physically as they try to cope with the stress of juggling an endless number of responsibilities…

I am aware that some readers might find my appeal for rest to imply that if one was just to try a little harder to have some leisure, then all would be well. That is not the impression I wish to give. As has already been suggested, spiritual leisure precedes physical leisure, where spiritual leisure is defined as living by faith and grace alone…

This sort of sacrificial grace shocks souls who have been conditioned to think of Christianity as a prescriptive faith, but it is simply the counter-intuitive fact that one has been living under an enormous umbrella of sola fide for nearly 2,000 years now. If Jesus was right that “it is finished,” and he was, then we who enter God’s rest may also cease from our labors just as God did from his.”



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