Steven Paulson, Fanatics, “Law Creep,” & the Preacher’s Temptation

“Fanatics are convinced they have the power of the Holy Spirit, but in fact have only called themselves, and do not know the gospel…  The law always creeps in as the form of righteousness only to become the content of ‘new prophecy’ whose form is: do this and you will be the true church…  The temptation of a preacher is to be a spiritualist who receives new words from God not given in Scripture.  What does God call the preacher to do?  Preaching is God’s command, not the congregation’s own tradition.  The preacher’s call is not as Rabbi, Enthusiast, Spiritual Guide, Disciple, Prophet, or Community Organizer–What then is it?  The call is to preach law and gospel…  Fanaticism is overcome only in the proper preaching of law and gospel…”

Steven Paulson “Lutheran Theology


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