Paul Zahl on the Future of Evangelicalism

“I believe the answer to our (evangelicalism’s) problems is a return to the core of God’s grace, the ‘Old, Old Story of Jesus and His Love,” deepend by the Reformation insight of grace in relation to law…  We need people again who are allergic to law as the preached word and go, rather, to the enabling word of Christ’s grace, and not just to outsiders but especially to the law-burdened Christian communities that have failed to strengthen and sustain.  If I have a ‘recipe’ for these times, it is the gospel of Christ’s grace for Christians

The word “evangelical” is still a good one, if it means justification by grace through faith.  It is still a good word if by it is meant the love of God for sinners…  I still seek, still seek, to tell the Old, Old Story, which means in practice this: judgement kills, love makes alive.  I realize that such a formula is quite ‘reduced’ and could use a lot of enhancement; but we are going to have to begin again… by putting the core of Christ in simple, simple epigrams.  Let’s sponsor an evangelical Haiku contest!  The prize?: A complete set of the Weimar Edition of works of Luther”

Paul Zahl “The Future of Evangelicalism


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