More From Tullian

“Jesus doesn’t need perfect vessels to accomplish his will.  He needs broken ones–men and women who have been slain, humiliated, disillusioned of all their ‘I can do it, really I can!,’ ‘This time I’ll try harder!’, ‘Just give me a little more time and some secret steps, and I’ll get it together!’ self-deception…  The one-way love of God meets us in our failures.  Our failures make His one-way love that much more glorious.  What qualifies us for service is God’s devotion to us–not our devotion to Him.  This is as plainly as I can say it: the value of our lives rests on God’s infinite, incomprehensible, unconditional love for us–not our love for Him.  Such relief!  We can finally exhale!”

Tullian Tchividjian “One Way Love


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