John Pless on the Distinction Between Law and Gospel

Sorry for the lack of original words from me lately.  Life’s been crazy busy.  So in lieu of originality here’s a gem from John Pless’ “Handling the Word of Truth:”

“When Law and Gospel are rightly divided, the Gospel comes out on top.  The Law must be spoken to diagnose the sin and expose the quackery of every remedy the sinner would devise to mitigate the disease.  But the Law always stands in service of the Gospel…  The Gospel alone can provide healing for the wounds uncovered the Law.  Troubled people with consciences torn by sin and hearts distressed by doubt will find no rest or peace in the Law…  The ultimate aim in our preaching of the Law must be to preach the Gospel…  The Gospel magnifies the merits of Christ and extols His work of redemption.  The Law is all about human beings, our sin, our failure, and ultimately our death.  The Gospel is all about Christ Jesus, His righteousness, His faithfulness, and His atoning death.  Because it is about us, the Law brings terror.  Because it is of Christ, the Gospel brings God’s own consolation and calms the terrified conscience.”


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