Reformer and Martyr Dr. Robert Barnes on the Church

“The holy church of Christ is nothing else but that congregation which is sanctified in spirit, redeemed with Christ’s blood, and sticks fast and sure to the promises that are made therein…”

“All her honor and cleanness is sure and fast before Christ.  If any of her goodness appears to the world, she makes no virtue of it; she does not think herself anything the better because the world thinks well of her, for all her trust is in Christ only…”

“The cleanness of this holy church is the mercy of God toward her through Christ, for whose sake He lays nothing to her charge.  Between them all is common, as between man and wife…”

“If you hear any other voice than Christ’s, then you are not of the church, but of the devil, and are thieves and murderers as Christ says.  You come unto the fold without Him.  You bring not His voice, but you come with your own voice, your own statutes, and with your own word…”

“Where the word of God is truly and perfectly preached without the damnable dreams of men, and where it is well received of its hearers, and also where we see good works that do openly agree with the doctrine of the gospel, these are good and sure tokens whereby we may judge that there are some men in the holy church…”

The Reformation Essays of Dr. Robert Barnes


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