Some Sunday Afternoon Gospel for You

“The hope of the gospel is simply this… that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son, was born in a lowly manger, lived a perfect life, suffered from the moment of his first breath, was indescribably shamed and cruelly tortured, and then died without the comfort of his Father or the angels on Calvary’s cruel tree.  After three days in darkness and the tomb he rose again, still in human flesh, and then after forty days he ascended to the Father.  Because of this, we have an entirely new identity, not one based on our accomplishments, our self-respect, the accolades of others, [or] our own good works.  We are completely and irrevocably justified; we have been entirely forgiven, reconciled, redeemed.  We will have eternal life with him, and everything we go through now is in some way tied to these truths.”

-Elyse Fitzpatrick “Because He Loves Me


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