Where God Finds Us: Michael Horton Quote

etching_three crosses

“Where do you think you’ll find God?  Some people speak of finding ultimate peace of mind in Tibet or rock climbing in the Alps. Perhaps it’s not surprising that we call spiritual epiphanies ‘mountaintop’ experiences.  Others talk about their experience of seeing the Dalai Lama, the spectacle of the Mass, or experiencing ‘transcendence’ at a Hindu ashram or Buddhist temple.  Some travel great distances to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment: to Lourdes in the hope of experiencing a miracle or at more Protestant venues, like Toronto or Pensacola to ‘catch the blessing.’  We’re always looking for revival: something exciting, awe-inspiring, and majestic…

We don’t expect to find God in the feeding trough of a barn in an obscure Palestinian village, much less hanging from an instrument of Roman execution.  Yet this is where God meets us.  While we are trying to climb higher, he descends lower.  Of all our faculties, our natural religious, moral, and spiritual instincts are actually the least likely to find God where he has found us.”

Michael Horton, “The Gospel Driven Life


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