Overshadowing the Gospel Message with Methods

“Somewhere along the way… the evangel [the Gospel] became increasingly separated from evangelism; the message became subservient to the methods.  Today, it is taken for granted by many that those most concerned about doctrine are least interested in reaching the lost (or, as they are now called, ‘the unchurched’).  We are frequently challenge to choose between being traditional or missional, usually with little definition offered for either.  Where the earlier evangelical consensus coalesced simultaneously around getting the gospel right and getting it out, increasingly today the coalition is defined by its style (‘contemporary’ versus ‘traditional’), its politics… and its ‘rock-star’ leaders than for its convictions about God, humanity, sin, salvation, the purpose of history, and the last judgement.”

Michael Horton “To Be or Not to Be: The Uneasy Relationship between Reformed Christianity and American Evangelicalism.


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